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There's No Place Like Home...Now Can We Go Back? 05/27/2008
Jaws Attacks Colin...Kinda 05/18/2008
Hiding Under the Tablecloth in Cape Town 05/14/2008
The Long Road to Fish River Canyon 05/10/2008
Apple strudel in the desert 05/09/2008
A Mar in a Lodge is worth Two in the Bush. 05/03/2008
Good fences make good neighbors 05/01/2008
Skanky Leaves. Colin and Mary Mourn. 04/25/2008
Bit of a Blog Intermission 04/22/2008
Whiplash at a Natural Wonder of the World 04/15/2008
The Early Skanky Catches the Worm 04/11/2008
The Halftime Show 04/08/2008
Photos! 04/04/2008
Ruaha National Park 04/01/2008
Ok? Ok. Ok? 03/30/2008
Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus! 03/25/2008
Hot Times on Spice Island 03/23/2008
The Fabled Serengeti 03/23/2008
Patty's Day Tanzania Style 03/17/2008
Caught between a rock and The Bad Place 03/12/2008
Photos! 03/12/2008
Colin in the Mist 03/09/2008
six foot, seven foot, eight foot BUNCH! 03/07/2008
Conflict in the Cheese Capital 03/05/2008
Back on the Road 03/03/2008
Sniffing glue and hugging babies 02/29/2008
Here in Kenya... 02/26/2008
Hot times on the Equator 02/26/2008
Johannesburg 02/22/2008
Heading into the Heart of Darkness... 02/20/2008